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The Reputable and Professional Landscaper in Bassett, VA

If you require quality landscaping solutions for your property, our company has the means to take care of your needs. We also provide lawn care, power washing, yard cleaning, and mulching services. Serving clients in Bassett, VA, we can handle jobs of any size and ensure your complete satisfaction. With Gregory's Lawncare and Landscaping, you will enjoy outstanding results regardless of the nature of the tasks at hand.

Areas of Specialization

Our Services

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Whether you need excellent landscape installation or maintenance services, turn to us! We can introduce various new features to your backyard, garden, or any other part of your landscape and have various custom maintenance options available for your consideration. Call us today!
Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care Service

Contact us if you need excellent lawn care services, and our specialists will offer you a full line of lawn care services. They will make sure your lawn is beautiful and green and follow any instructions you may have in mind! Our services include grass mowing, trimming, edging, cleanup, and more.
Yard Cleaning Services

Yard Cleaning Services

When you wish to have a clean yard, hire our company for a thorough cleanup service. Using modern equipment, our team will clear your landscape of deadwood, leaves, fallen branches, debris, and other junk. With our assistance, your yard will look and feel clean and welcoming.
Power Washing Services

Power Washing Services

Our professional power-washing solutions are great for areas and outdoor features such as sidewalks, stairs, parking lots, fences, decks, driveways, patios, and more. The power washing method is also wonderful for surfaces like stone, metal, wood, concrete, and other surfaces.
Mulching Services

Mulching Services

You can rely on us to provide you with prompt, efficient mulch installation services for your landscape, garden, or lawn. We can work with every type of mulch and help you pick the perfect one for your specific needs. Our professionals will work with care and follow your instructions.
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These specialists installed the new features in my landscape, and I am impressed with the results. I happily recommend the quality landscaping solutions of these people. They are skilled and very punctual.

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What Are the Benefits of Choosing Us?

Dedicated to its customers and working at competitive rates, Gregory's Lawncare and Landscaping has been serving the local community for many years, delivering solutions that epitomize all prerequisites. We do it all, from handling driveway landscaping jobs to providing yard cleaning solutions. With us, you can consider many convenient, cost-effective options that will match your needs. You can also ask us for advice. Just call for a quick consultation!

What Do We Do?

We know that commitment, earnest customer service, responsibility, and integrity are integral to building a robust company that can overcome any challenge. We adhere to that standard and use top-shelf equipment to deliver lawn and landscape services that will meet your unique requirements. Our landscapers have vast experience behind them and achieve stunning results that often surpass our customers’ expectations. They display tenacity, competence, coherence, attentiveness, and rigor as they work and possess the depth of resources, technical skills, and logistical insight to handle any job without hassle. Our priority is customer satisfaction. With a reputation for honesty, dependability, rectitude, and excellence, we look forward to assisting you. Choose us as your professional landscaping contractor!

We Serve the Surrounding Areas!

As one of the flexible, local landscaping companies, we serve clients from:

  • Stanley Town, VA
  • Martinsville, VA
  • Collinsville, VA
  • Horsepasture District, VA
  • Snow Creek District, VA

Our company is the perfect choice if you have a residential or commercial property in Bassett, VA and need to hire a professional landscaper. Call us today to learn more!

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